Monday, September 1, 2008

Everyone Googles Themselves Eventually

According to Mike S., "Everyone Googles themselves eventually." Based on this axiom, I'm going to bore everyone by posting the names, all 255, of those alumni who possibly do not know about this site. Perhaps they will also search terms such as:

Northgate High School, Walnut Creek, Class of '86, Class of 1986, Mrs. Thiele (kidding)...and then find us that way.

Remember, anyone who wants me to delete non-publicly available information from this site is welcome to send me an email.

Site Stats: We have 95 updates posted. There are 12 people who have either emailed or posted in comments but haven't sent in an update yet. There are about 7 who have posted on the NGHS site, but not here.

Of the remaining ~250 alums, I have email addresses for about 41, snail mail addresses for about 190, and no information whatsoever for about 25. Of those 25, I know at least one was at the reunion. I know a lot of people who have posted here are in contact with these folks, so I'm sure there are many who are not really interested in this, or at least prefer to stay behind the scenes, as it were.

Rebecca ABEND, Sydney ABRAM Taylor, Michael ALPHIN, Kris ANKAITAS, Holly ARNOLD Ehrhart, Barbara ASTER Washington, Anthony AVANSINO, Kevin BALLEW, Steve BANDUCCI, Beverly BEHM, Andrew BELL, Leslie BELL Regos, Deanna BENEDICT, Steve BERG, Mike BILUND, Mike BORKE, Louise BRADFORD Sloan, Andrea BRAIDMAN, Kerry BREEN, Nicole BROOKS, Joe BROWN, Kathleen BRUEMMER, Shanon BRUMFIELD Pascoe, Maria BULARAN, Bob BYLAND, Brian CALLAHAN, Dan CANTRELL, Steve CARROLL, Greg CASE, Rodney CENTENO, Ted CHAMBERS, Mary CHATSWORTH, Becky CHENG, Lesley CHIU, Nancy CHOI Hwang, Cristella CHU, James CLARK, Erin CORRIGAN, Karolyn COVIONE, John CRITES, Karyn DALE, Kris D'AMELIO, Mark DANIELS, Lora DEILY, Martina DENARDO, Jim DOSS, Laura DULL, Robert DUNBAR, Janelle DWINELL, Andreas ECKLEMANN, Karen EILER Roach, Monica FABIAN Lowney, Jay FALLON, Jill FARRENKOPF Kramer, Patricia FEGAN, Shelia FITZGERALD, Mike FLAMINIO, Christy FOK, Renee FOUST, Bill GASS, Evgenia GEORGE, Christopher GILLIS, Mike GIOMI, Steve GLASS, Connie GONZALEZ Hall, John GOOCH, Seth GOODMAN, Garth GOODRICH, David GRAJEK, Jeff GREEN, Pamela GRIFFITH, Jeffrey GRUBB, Jim GUENTHER, Ken HAAS, Jim HACKETT, Melanie HAGERSTRAND, Lisa HALL Tyrell, Audra HALLQUIST Morucci, Lisa HAMANAKA, Bert HAN, Jason HANCOCK, Kirsten HANSEN Foehr, Robert HANSFORD, Mark HARRIS, Tim HARRIS, Milton HARTOGH, Susi HAUG, Felicia HAYES Ponce, Jeffrey HERMAN, Amelia HERNANDEZ Vallejo, Mike HESS, Kristin HICKS, Lynn HODGES Thompson, Tiffany HOGAN, Ann Marie HOLM, Brian HOLMES, Michael HOUSE, Amie HUANG Aslami, Caren HULT Bodiot, Bart HUMMER, Mitch HUNTER, Martin Iglesias, Amira Issa, Jill JACOBS, Charlotta JOHANNESSON La Via, Tom JONES, Karen KANESHIGE Cortez, Linda Keating, Carolyn KEMPKER, Michael Kendig, Jeff KEYS, Martin KINDNESS, Rebecca KINZLER Fredrickson, Robin KNAPP, Eric KNIEP, Chris KNOX, Jennifer KRINER Herbert, Sylvia KUNG, Gerilynn KURPINSKY Borghelli, Dawn LAWSON Byrd, Angie LECAS Borgwardt, John LEE, Laurie LENTZ, Dave LINCOLN, Victor LOCASIO, Tracy LONG, Kimberly LOOMER, Clive LUI, Paul MACHI, Linda MACLEOD Mcdougal, Mike MANNIE, Neda MANSOURIAN, Kurtis MARTINEZ, Bernd MARTINI, Cara MASON Wilfong, Kristin MATHEWS, no MATHEWSON Scott, Jody MATTHEWS Buie, Kathleen MCAULIFFE, Karen MCCARTHY Macdonald, Jim MCCRACKEN, Barbara MCDONALD Mathis, Larry MCDONOUGH, Maureen McGhee, Jennifer MCGILLIVRAY Byrom, Jim MCMANUS, Colleen (Kelley) MESSEX, Katie Messner, Monty MILANO, Matt MONACHELLO, Danny MOORE, Laura MORAN Wilber, Jeffrey MORGAN, Jessica MORGAN Kinsey, Scott MUNCER, Kathleen NEUMAN Shipp, Mike NEVILLE, Mary Kay NIELSON, Karen NIESS, Lane OCHIKUBO, John O'CONNOR, Rudy OEST, Kelly O'KEEFE, Jeff ONDECK, Mark PAPINA, Bill PARIS, Lisa PATTERSON, Karen PAYNE, Jennifer PAZ Galligani, Lars PENDLETON, Kathy PERZEL, Natalie Pfeiffer, Scott Phillips, Kristine PLACHY, Michelle PLOURDE, Paul PLUMMER, Laura POTTS Page, Courtney POWELL, Chris Power, Leanne POYNTER Hile, Greg PROPHET, Jeff PROSSER, Michelle PUSICH, Krag RASMUSSEN, Martin RASMUSSEN, Tami RATHJEN, Don REEVES, Adam RICE, Christi RICHARDSON, Brian RILEY, Karen ROBIE Ivankovich, Bill ROGERS, Peter ROONEY, Leah RUBINSTEIN, Chris RYMER, Ludwig SALVADOR, Diptendu (Bobby) SAMANTA, Brigit SANDERSON, Jonathan SCHEELE, Heidi SCHEXNAYDER Goodman, Melissa SCHRAEDER, Colleen Sharapata Huber, Victoria SHARP Fiske, Greg SHAW, Flora SHY Pinnella, Cynthia Silldorff, John SNYDER, David SPERLING, Dave STAFFORD, Michelle STASHYN, Tracie STEPHENS, Reid STEVENS, Mark STIEFVATER, Justin STOREY, Joann SUGIMURA Wyman, Joyce TAN, Greg (Morgan) TAYLOR, Julie TAYLOR, Anthony THIELE, Tom THORPE, Joe TONDA, Kim TORKINGTON, Gayle TORNBERG, Tim TRICE, Carrie TUBB Fair, Patricia TURNER, Debbie VAN SLAMBROOK, Doug VELIKAN, Laura WAKEFIELD, John WALKER, Libby WALKER, Lynn WALKOWIAK Morphew, Celia WANG, Pam WATROUS, Scott WEBB, Katherine W., Jennifer WEED, John WEISEL, Kristin WHITE, Raquel WHITE, Darren WHITTAKER, Wendy WILK Spence, Karen WILKIN, Spencer WILLIAMS, Chrissy WINSLOW Anderson, Arnold WONG, Eric WRIGHT, Christine Yee, Lisa YEE, Andy YEN, Karen ZAWADZKI, Kim ZITTER Nunn, Brenda Zugar, Mark GRAHAM, Charlotte NG, Kelley MEER, Kathryn JOHNSON, Carmie ANDERSON, Teri ROSS, Deborah Hellman


Meg Smetzer said...

There are a lot of 1986 NG'ers on Facebook, that may be worth a look as well.

I'm using my maiden name as my husband is in the media and politics and doesn't want me too 'out there'. So I'm pretty easy to find ;)

Kurt Arnlund said...

My name isn't in your list and I still found this site :-)

Dr. Jeff said...

That's because I already had a post about you. Others will find the site via googling classmates. Feel free to update your update in comments or by email.

Laura faulkner said...

Meg smetzer just told me about this site but i see that I have a mystery last name :-)...I never married anyone named Howe so I am not sure where that came from. :-0 My real name is actually Laura Wakefield Faulkner. This will be a fun site to look at and find out what everyone has been up to all of these years. Thanks for doing this..especially for those of us who live too far away to come tot he reunions..

Anonymous said...

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