Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kevin Plazak

Kevin is in Portland and is involved (well, not exactly) with a fish called the "cichlasoma cichlid" and recently gave a talk in San Jose called "Setting up a Simple Central American Cichlid Aquarium (using convict cichlids)".

The Pacific Coast Cichlid Association is proud to announce our past Cichlid Blue Editor (the PCCA bimonthly journal), Mr. Kevin Plazak, from Portland, Oregon, as our speaker on May 10, 2008.

Mr. Kevin Plazak has kept and has bred cichlids more than 15 years. He won several publication awards from The Federation of American Aquarium Societies, which included the best Editor/Publication for six and fewer issues.

His informative speech, “Building cichlid community tanks for fun and profit" will be an interesting topic for every hobbyist.


bcsanders said...

Kevin, you stud!

Congratulations on your exploits!!!

Hey, if you or anyone else in the blogosphere wants a copy of the transcript to Raw Rats (the unfinished epic film made by Class of '86 writers/actors/directors Scholz, Plazak, Hansell, and Sanders, email me and I can send you one!!!

--Brett Sanders

Kevin said...

See -- the weird description of what I am up to makes so close to no sense that I am forced to say something about it...


That nonsense above Brett's comment makes absolutely no sense.

This message brought to you by Google, oatmeal, short socks and the makers of cheese.


P.S. Please forward me a copy of the transcript to Raw Rats.

Dr. Jeff said...

OK! It was confusing to me as well! Feel free to write in and correct the record.

Anonymous said...

Max Hedroom!

I'm sure you don't remember me at all, the little sister of a friend of yours from the class of 86. But I remember you very well.

So spill. Wife? Kids? What are you doing for fun these days?

Nice to see you around!


Kevin said...

Not remember you?!? Are you kdding? I still have... hang on a sec... yeah -- I have a photo of you that you gave me with a black strapless dress, pearl earrings and pearl necklace. Your hair was shoulder length and the photographer thought it best if you were canted to the right... why they think that is cool is beyond me.

So, yes, Skikit Nelson (possibly some other surname due to marriage, witness protection or too many 'shrooms) I do indeed remember you and remember you very fondly.

In answer to your invoked "spill" -- first wife didn't take (11 years -- it was a good run), currently living with my fiance -- making it official soon. There was a gap in there where I was unattached -- we shall call that Kevin's age of bad, bad choices and eventual enlightenment. "No kids that I am aware of" as the poets say.

I currently go by the handles of "Pilaf", "Bert", "Ernesto", "Kevicchio" and "Veeks". Never had a knick name until the last two years -- been an interesting two years.

I am learning to cook from a chef friend in his restaurant -- it is a cultural shock -- a lot of fun too. I have about 2000 gallons of water in my basement full of fish. I own my own business selling the aforementioned fish. I am working on trying to garden (first year mostly a bust) but a few veggies did okay.

I lecture on tropical fish throughout the west coast, write articles for tropical fish magazines every few months, consult for folks with tropical fish businesses and generally know too much about teleosts from tropical climes.

Got a degree in Biological Conservation, living in Portland, Oregon (excellent food, wonderful culture, fairly good beer, perfect weather), starting to become not awful at frisbee golf and enjoying myself nearly every day. Been happy for a couple of years and I think I am going to stick with it.

And, not that Mark wasn't a friend but, I think I was more your friend than of Mark. Just my feelings on it as I never talked to him as much as I talked to you.

And I am glad there is a slim chance of more of that talking/writing/communicating happening.

Thank you for writing. Made the afternoon a lot better!


Dr. Jeff said...

Kevin, can I post your detailed comment update/bio to the main blog, or would you rather keep it under the radar? The other one we have for you is kind of vague. Your call.

Kevin said...

Jeff --

You can post the whole shootin' match as it suits you to do. Any bits that are "emailish" would prolly best be left here but the rest makes sense on the bio page.


P.S. No harm in posting if there is an appropriate place to put it.