Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some photos from Nici: 1986

Nici (Grace) Kammerer sent these photos along. Many thanks for the snapshots of good times and mid '80's fashion!

Pyramid at the Senior Party at Turtle Rock on Mt. Diablo. What is confusing to me is that not only is this a different picture than the one in the yearbook, it has different people. I see Narissa is in both pyramids. Others identifiable here include Amy Doub, Karen Zawadzki, Debbie Brear, Tiffany Worboy...ID others in comments.

Karen Niess, Jessica Morgan, Tim Kruger, Renee Foust at the Heather Farms picnic

Neda Mansourian, Tiffany Worboy, Nici Grace

Farewell Brunch to Russia for Kris Babb – Mike Neville, Kris Babb, Leslie Bell, Sharon Holmes (?), Reid Stevens, MaryKay Nielsen, Lisa Bien, Dana Hinkle

Graduation: Nici with Tiffany and Karen Zawadzki

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