Friday, July 25, 2008

Megan's Mysteries

From Megan:

I have a couple of Northgate Mysteries to add, and maybe some pictures later.

1. Did we really have a smoking area? Cancer Cove? Someone back me up. My children and students won't believe me that students could smoke at school. With yard supervisors, mind you.

2. English Club? Anyone but me remember this? It was the English club because we all spoke English? We thought we were VERY clever.

3. The mice from YV? They send a bunch of mice to NGHS painted blue and yellow? I have a co-teacher at my school who graduated 1987 from YV and she remembers this too. Anyone else?

Add your feedback in the comments section. Or email me some Cancer Cove photos...


Anonymous said...

Of course we had a "Cancer Cove". The school figured the kids were going to smoke, so better to let them do it in the cove rather than in the bathrooms. In fact, it was first just called the "Smoking Area" but they rebranded it "Cancer Cove" as a completely failed tactic to stop kid from smoking.

Yes, I remember the English Club. I was an officer (along with Don Dornblaser, Duckering, and others). We had a constitution, an illegal fundraiser, and a subsequent party. And we spoke English at EVERY meeting. "Ya Mo Be There" was our official song, for no good reason.

I also remember the story about mice, but I don't recall any details or when it happened.

-Mike S.

Dr. Jeff said...

1) Did people get carded? Did you have to be 18? Was it open only during recess? lunch? Who was the monitor? Were they monitoring what was being smoked?

2) Did you speak English English? With an English accent? Rubbish! Bloody hell! Jolly good. How come the club didn't make it into the yearbook?

Sue said...

To answer Jeff's Question #1:

No one got carded.

You didn't have to be 18. (I believe it is/was illegal to purchase, not to consume)

It was only open during recess and lunch.

It was supervised by the toughest, hardest looking, short, fat woman you can imagine. She stood between the smoking section and the street - to keep kids from leaving. Strangely, the toughest stoners loved her (I was always afraid of her).

Matty said...

Hard to believe but true, I think I went my entire 4 years without taking one step into the "cove".

You too, huh Meg?