Sunday, July 20, 2008

Clint Stewart

I got a geography degree from Berkeley and a law degree from the University of Utah in 1994. I have been living in Salt Lake and practicing commercial real estate law ever since. Perhaps the most notable thing about me is really about my wife, Kris, who I married in 2001. Kris is from Singapore, and has added an unanticipated asian flair to my lifestyle.

The web site is amazing and its great to see everyone’s bios and photos. When Kris saw Jeff’s photos of Mt. Diablo she said “wow, I didn’t know you were skinny and had long hair.” I guess it really was that long ago. Thanks Jeff.


matt c said...

My favorite Clint quote: "I can be spontaneous if you let me know a few days in advance". Great to see you again Mr. Stewart!
Matt (matthewcarter at hotmail dot com)

Sue said...

Clint! You look great. Though your short hair is warping the time/space continuum in my universe!

bcsanders said...

Clint and Kris,

I agree with Sue, you guys do look great. And Hi to you, Sue!

Brett S.

Matty said...

Clint, commercial real estate? I would never guessed. Environmental law perhaps... but life has it's funny twists and turns.

Oh, you were definitely slim and your hair was surely long toward the end of high school...the asian betrothment doesn't totally surprise me. How long ago was it? I remember being surprised that someone else had a copy of "Cosmos Factory", which of course now you can't get away from thanks to 'classic radio'.