Friday, July 11, 2008

Tina (Buschiazzo) Kane

Tina, according to this 2005 article, is (was?) the"Gatekeeper" for Los Angeles Philharmonic Music Director and conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen.

History: Kane started working in the Phil's artist department in 1995. She met Salonen then, and often drove him around town to meetings, rehearsals and concerts. In 2000, Salonen offered her a job as his personal assistant. "It took me all of a second to say yes," Kane said.

A Day in the Life: If Salonen is in town, Kane's with him - though her toddler daughter Madison means she attends fewer nighttime concerts. Kane keeps his schedule, screens calls and shadows him as he navigates appointments. When he travels, Kane works from home. Kane says Salonen is low maintenance. "Especially when he gets to Europe, he's so un-artist-like, you'd be surprised. He doesn't need anybody over there."

Best Part of the Job: "When I sit down and watch him conduct, I know that all he has to worry about is walking onstage and conducting. All the stuff going on behind the scenes, I've taken care of it. He can do what he's supposed to be doing and focus on his art."

Pet Peeve: "I get phone calls and letters from people who tell me, 'I'd like time with Esa-Pekka, I'm a very close friend.' Then they say or spell his name wrong. It makes me laugh. Yeah, sure you're a friend."

Preferred Gift: "Me keeping my job is appreciation enough. He's been so supportive of me with Madison, that's enough. When she comes in with me, she sits in his dressing room, plays his piano and gives him coffee. It's adorable."

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