Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mr. Christensen’s 6th grade class at Castle Rock

Click on picture for larger version.
Note the increasing heights from top to bottom.
Many Northgate '86 folks including:

Rodney Centeno, Tina Cassano (NICE HAIR TINA!), Pete Rooney, Jody Matthews, Shannon Groh, Kevin Ballew, Karyn Dale, Future '49ers cheerleader Kristin White, Mike Radokovich, Lesley Chiu, Chrissy Winslow, Sharon Krejci, Kirk Mower, Beth Schutz, Nici Grace, Gary Voerge, Cindy Silldorff

Kristin (White) Slye

I’ve had a chance to reconnect with a lot of Northgate folks through Facebook, yet see a lot of new names on here. So, I thought I’d send the quick update for your blog and encourage everyone to create a profile on FB since it’s such a great tool to reacquaint with long lost folks.

Here’s my simple timeline update:
· Graduated NGHS
· DVC for 3 semesters
· 49er Cheerleader - we won two SuperBowls while I was a Goldrush girl!
· San Jose State University - was a Delta Gamma
· Interned at BBDO Advertising, Silicon Valley
· Moved to San Diego - Sales & Marketing Manager for Hospitality Company
· Moved back to San Francisco in ‘98 - Marketing Manager for various hospitality companies like Brendan Tours, Runaway Tours, and Kimpton Hotels
· Got married in 2003 to Jeff Slye - UCLA guy & eco-consultant
· Honeymooned for 6 months throughout South & Central America
· Started my own hospitality branding company called Slye Marketing (thank goodness I didn’t have to use my maiden name because White Marketing sounds like a Dave Chappelle skit)
· Have created brands for over 50 hotels, plus worked with various other hospitality companies - it’s likely some of you have stayed overnight in my creations
· Had a baby - Jake Fredrick Slye 11/5/06
· Bought circa 1893 house in the USF/Panhandle district of San Francisco - just finished a renovation

All throughout the 20 years, two constants: (1) lots of travel and (2) dancing - either performing, teaching, or learning (most recently fire-dancing)

That’s the snapshot. Bummed to have missed the reunion, but I was pregnant and had my attention on prepping for motherhood in 2006. Looking forward to the next one.

Lastly, thanks for starting this.

Kristin (Kristi) White Slye

PS - I saw that my old Castle Rock best friend, Jenny Randolph, with a truncated e-mail of cjlombard... commented on your blog. Jenny - if you're out there, drop me a line at - I have the best memories of listening to records (mainly Grease over and over and over) at your house after school - good times.