Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kristin (White) Slye

I’ve had a chance to reconnect with a lot of Northgate folks through Facebook, yet see a lot of new names on here. So, I thought I’d send the quick update for your blog and encourage everyone to create a profile on FB since it’s such a great tool to reacquaint with long lost folks.

Here’s my simple timeline update:
· Graduated NGHS
· DVC for 3 semesters
· 49er Cheerleader - we won two SuperBowls while I was a Goldrush girl!
· San Jose State University - was a Delta Gamma
· Interned at BBDO Advertising, Silicon Valley
· Moved to San Diego - Sales & Marketing Manager for Hospitality Company
· Moved back to San Francisco in ‘98 - Marketing Manager for various hospitality companies like Brendan Tours, Runaway Tours, and Kimpton Hotels
· Got married in 2003 to Jeff Slye - UCLA guy & eco-consultant
· Honeymooned for 6 months throughout South & Central America
· Started my own hospitality branding company called Slye Marketing (thank goodness I didn’t have to use my maiden name because White Marketing sounds like a Dave Chappelle skit)
· Have created brands for over 50 hotels, plus worked with various other hospitality companies - it’s likely some of you have stayed overnight in my creations
· Had a baby - Jake Fredrick Slye 11/5/06
· Bought circa 1893 house in the USF/Panhandle district of San Francisco - just finished a renovation

All throughout the 20 years, two constants: (1) lots of travel and (2) dancing - either performing, teaching, or learning (most recently fire-dancing)

That’s the snapshot. Bummed to have missed the reunion, but I was pregnant and had my attention on prepping for motherhood in 2006. Looking forward to the next one.

Lastly, thanks for starting this.

Kristin (Kristi) White Slye

PS - I saw that my old Castle Rock best friend, Jenny Randolph, with a truncated e-mail of cjlombard... commented on your blog. Jenny - if you're out there, drop me a line at - I have the best memories of listening to records (mainly Grease over and over and over) at your house after school - good times.

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