Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mr. Christensen’s 6th grade class at Castle Rock

Click on picture for larger version.
Note the increasing heights from top to bottom.
Many Northgate '86 folks including:

Rodney Centeno, Tina Cassano (NICE HAIR TINA!), Pete Rooney, Jody Matthews, Shannon Groh, Kevin Ballew, Karyn Dale, Future '49ers cheerleader Kristin White, Mike Radokovich, Lesley Chiu, Chrissy Winslow, Sharon Krejci, Kirk Mower, Beth Schutz, Nici Grace, Gary Voerge, Cindy Silldorff


Matty said...

Wow. Sarah Suverkrup. I used to ride my bike past her house in 8th grade. Hoping she'd come out. Stalker.

Les said...

What a flashback. Awesome photo. Good thing they put the names otherwise I'd never know who's who.