Monday, December 29, 2008

The Future of the NGHS 1986 blog

Regardless of the book issue (see previous post), I'm not sure if it makes sense to keep going with this until the next reunion.

I could keep it up on the web so that people can check in.
I can take it offline until a year before the next reunion (25 year in 2011?). I do think this would be a great way to publicize and plan for the next reunion. I know that most people really enjoyed the reunion, but many didn't hear about it, and a lot of folks thought the venue was too small and the time allotted was too short. So those planning the next one could use this site as another way of broadcasting the details of the event. In any case, we do have an updated email list.

I could keep it up as more of a community bulletin board, making it easy for others to post questions and comments. Perhaps a listserv would be better, but then people get inundated with emails. The bulletin board issue is that I would probably need to keep track of possibly inappropriate postings.

I could turn it over to someone with more time than me to keep it going in whatever format.

Regardless of the future state of the blog, I think it has already had its intended effect of letting everyone know what we have been doing, and in many cases getting some folks back in touch with each other. Not to mention clearing up some of the Northgate Mysteries (though much still remains murky!).

So let me know in comments what you think.



Anonymous said...

Jeff, I'd vote to definitely keep this blog online. I can't think of a reason to take it down. People will still dribble in over the months/years as they eventually google themselves (not a euphemism).

-Mike S.

andrea said...

I'd keep it going but only if you've got the energy for it... I think there are a lot of people who still haven't come across the blog (I'm still not sure how I even got on the distribution list) - and I know they have a great time with it when they do discover it. Just my 2 cents!

Kenrick said...

I agree with Mike.

Sue said...

Keep it if you can. :)