Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sean Gallagher

I found this profile of Sean on the Suite 101 site.

Sean Gallagher - Profile

I currently write movie reviews for two publications - CAPRA (Cinematic Amateur PRess Association), a bi-monthly small press publication, and The Moon Valley Tattler, a monthly community newspaper out of Arizona - and one website -, which concentrates on recent releases.

I was born in Texas on February 6, 1968, while my dad was stationed there in the Army. A year later, we quickly moved to New York, and from there I've lived in New Jersey, California, Washington State (I went to college there; Gonzaga University), and Canada. I moved to Brooklyn, New York this past March. I did generally okay in school, though in high school I was probably more known as the guy who wasn't afraid to show off. In college, I majored in history, and that understanding of history hopefully informs my movie reviews.

Though my father raised us on old movies, it wasn't until high school that they became an abiding passion (along with music and sports, though I'm not so passionate about the latter anymore). I like to think that I like a wide variety of movies, from low-budget to Hollywood. I also try to strip myself of any ideology in my writing (except for basic humanistic principles). I do, however, have some principles; if a movie has bad dialogue, or uses music badly (especially modern songs), that diminishes it in my view. I also read a lot of other critics and as many books on film, or books being made into films, as I can.

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