Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Amy (Doub) Casey

Amy is a bilingual educator in Walnut Creek, and teaches Spanish For Kids.
Amy Casey grew up in Walnut Creek, CA, and graduated from Northgate High School and the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has been teaching and tutoring enrichment and conversational Spanish since 2001 and has worked on several translations including the children's book: Play Hopscotch on Saturn’s Rings.

Her abuelita (grandma) is from El Salvador and she grew up speaking some Spanish with her extended family. She had the opportunity to spend a high school summer studying Spanish in Valencia, Spain and was hooked on the language, culture and travel. During college she spent a year studying Spanish and economics at the University of Madrid, Spain. She traveled extensively throughout Spain and has returned on several occasions, most recently in 2007 to lead a group of students and their families on a tour of the Granada region.

Amy Casey's Spanish classes are designed to teach students of all ages including children as young as 2 years of age. She tailors the classes to the students' age and experience and uses diverse teaching techniques to enhance their learning. Whether she is building a base of phonemic awareness and a familiarity with basic vocabulary through songs, games and play or supplementing high-school honor's classes with writing, conversation, students will benefit from Amy Casey's thoughtful, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable tutoring.

"Studies show that there is a `window of opportunity' for optimal brain enhancement," says Amy Casey, who runs Walnut Creek's Spanish for Kids program. "And that is usually in the preschool ages." She addsthat auditory development in people usually peaks by age 12 -- right about the time many American kidsare just beginning to study a foreign language."

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