Friday, July 18, 2008

The Famous Photo

OK I'm not going to put the names on this post...(I don't want hate mail from angry Houston Episcopalians). And please, someone send in some other updates or photos so this doesn't stay at the top of the blog for too long! I may even delete it after a few days...or hours.

The other question is, how did this photo get into the yearbook? Weren't some of the "models" also on yearbook staff?:

[removed as promised...]


Sue said...

My favorite memory from that photo was when Chris B. specifically turned to that page in my yearbook to sign. Heh. Didn't want me to miss that gem!

Chris B. said...

Yes, it's true.
My God, how long will it take for me to stop cringing from my high school past? Some say that to be an adolescent is to be a narcissist. I guess some of us just took the AP class in narcissism.
I'm sorry for all of that.

Dr. Jeff said...

Ditto for my Chris B. signature, same page. However, a more relevant Chris yearbook signing story is that in my 8th grade yearbook Chris asked in his signature "Would I make a good priest?" so I guess he knew early on what his calling would be.