Thursday, July 24, 2008

Akshai Gandhi

It appears that AG was (is) in the Air Force, graduating from the Academy in Colorado Springs. He was in the Flying Fiends of the 36th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Osan AB Korea in 95-97. His call sign was "Abu". It sounds like he is now in the Guard in South Carolina.

There is an online magazine called "Code One" that had some info about operations in Iraq:

Operation Iraqi Freedom can be summed up in the words of Maj. Akshai "Abu" Gandhi, a traditional Guardsman and an instructor pilot with the 169th Fighter Wing, South Carolina Air National Guard: "When you think about it, why would anyone want to pick a fight with us? They have to know what this country is capable of doing."

From 2004: ASOC handed me over to a TACP in the Najaf area. The weather wasn't great and the Army guys on the ground were taking fire from a building. They were more concerned about our not hitting a nearby mosque and wanted me to come in on a nonoptimal axis. I told them I wanted a different axis for their protection and that I wouldn't hit the mosque. I executed the attack, put the GBU-12 on the building, and solved their problem. Working directly with the guys on the ground is quite an experience. You want to make sure you get it right.
— Maj. Akshai Gandhi

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