Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lisa Wolters-Broder Update

Jeff- Rebecca Deutscher sent me the link to your blog a few weeks ago, and I've been meaning to send you something... In the meantime, someone in our Marketing dept. at work (hi Melanie!), who apparently googles our company name to see what's being said about us in the news, e-mailed me yesterday with the link to ME on your blog. First I had to ask her, uhhh, why are you googling me? (I mean, I know companies "watch" their employees, but... seriously??) Then she explained that she routinely googles the company, and thus found ME. Oh! So I thought I'd flesh out your google-inspired info.!

I graduated from UC Davis in 1990 with degrees in both English and Spanish. Lived and worked around Sacramento for a few years after that, and then moved back to the Bay Area and started working in the Berkeley area. Yep, I worked for McGraw-Hill's computer book division for a few years. (My favorite editing project was "Build Your Own Combat Robot" -- I got free tickets to BattleBots! Nerdvana!) I met my husband (a graduate of Ygnacio Valley HS) through Barbara Aster, and we got married in 1997. Eventually we traded one creek for another and moved to Cave Creek, Arizona. We have two horses in our backyard and three cats in the house. It's a dry heat. I've worked in publishing since college, as a proofreader, writer, project manager and editor. Right now I'm my company's Senior Copy Editor-slash-Slave to the Corporate Machine (hi Melanie!). For all you financial/Wall Street nerds, I know what the PMI is before most everyone else in the country does. And, yes, I believe I'd be required to kill you if I told you (right, Melanie?)... So I guess I'm still part cowgirl, part word nerd/sci-fi geek. Shocking, I know... My dad passed away in 1991, and my mom passed away in 2002, but we still visit the Concord/Walnut Creek area several times a year. For those who remember my mom's bright yellow Ford Pinto station wagon (with the faux wood panel sides--the '70s were so classy) -- which she drove me to Castle Rock in, I drove in high school, AND I got to take to college (lucky me) -- it's actually alive and well, and living in Georgia with a friend of ours who wanted a Ford Pinto station wagon. I guess it's "retro" now, LOL. :-)


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Material Mama said...

Hey Lisa! I think about you often! I'm glad you are doing so well. I want to say I'm really sorry about your mom and dad. They were cool people.

Meg aka meg smetzer