Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sue Lockyer Update

Sue sent this along with the Castle Rock photo:

At the reunion, Mike R. and I were trying to figure out who went all the way through from Castle Rock Elementary, Foothill Intermediate through NGHS. Isn’t is strange how well you remember the folks you grew up with?

Now my kids are growing up! Cue the Twilight Zone music.

Along with my hubby, Mike, I live with my kids Andrew, 12, Fiona, 8 and Julia, 4 in Montara, CA. If you’ve never heard of Montara, you’re not the only one. It is a small town on the coast, between Pacifica and Half Moon Bay, south of SF.

I teach my kids at home. As scary as it sounds, it is actually very cool. During the school year my head is filled to overflowing with cosine, proper nouns, ancient Egypt, fractions, ABC’s, atomic structure….you get the idea. It is a bit of a stretch to teach a 4 year old her letters at the same time guiding (I don’t really teach him anymore) a 12 year old in literature or physics. But I love it. And them.

I have fun doing my own things too. Love to hike (such great hiking around here!), visit with friends (who doesn’t?) and write on my BLOG!

A Serious Attempt at Fun

Something strange: turns out my pastor’s wife in Pacifica went the NGHS too! Class of ’89. More Twilight Zone music, please.

Love the site – thanks Jeff


Elizabeth said...

Hi Sue!

So good to "see" you here :) I've really enjoyed reading about you, your family, and the stories you remember from NG. Keep it comin' and take care.

Megan S. said...

Hi Sue! I have really enjoyed reading your blog! Your pictures are so lovely and your kids are amazing :) Please keep up the good work, you've given me a push to start blogging again

Meg S.