Friday, July 18, 2008

Northgate Mystery #4: The GN Girls

Chris B. alludes to a new mystery: "I recall an underground movement of these young women who used to prowl the streets of Walnut Creek, allegedly dressed only in lingerie, seeking to assault the homes of their male classmates with toilet-paper. Weren't they called something like "G.N." for "Get Naked?" Heady times indeed. I barely remember a group of us somehow learning of one of their assaults, and intercepting them en flagrante. Perhaps this incident is yet another mystery of the class of '86? Anyone remember it?"

Now Tina C. confirms the rumors: "hmmm, are we ready for GN stories....GN was not born in our senior was several years before that....."

And yes, Matt C. provides a photo, so we have visual confirmation. It appears to be Blair Stientjes and Mike Neville with a diminutive blonde hiding her face in shame...However, calling this "lingerie" is a bit of a stretch.

How did you "somehow learn of their assaults"? Was there a mole in the group? So many questions.

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Elizabeth said...

Tina? Is that you? ;-)