Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tiffany Worboy

Hi, Jeff –
First off, you deserve huge thanks for pulling this “virtual reunion” site together. I don’t know where you find the time, between your professorial duties and life at home with a newborn (congratulations!!) [Summer break and baby naps!" -ed.]– but I’m grateful for your efforts to keep us all connected.

I’m writing this mini-bio at work, so I guess I’ll start with that aspect of my life. I work in the Dean’s Office of Emory College (part of Emory University in Atlanta, GA) doing everything from writing reports to fundraising. I’ve been doing this kind of work since I began my graduate training here (so, for a long time) and am still slowly plugging away on a PhD in Women’s Studies. (For my dissertation, I spent 9 months in an infertility clinic, conducting a sort of “clinical ethnography” and talking to women about their experiences of IVF.) Truth be told, I find my paid work more engaging than the insular work of writing a dissertation, but I’m hopeful that I’ll be finished with the degree within a year.

While my studies are good, and work is better…easily the best part of my life is my family. My long-term boyfriend morphed into a great life partner (my husband, Christian) and-- in recent years -- we had two really sweet, beautiful little boys, Cole (4.5 yrs) and Cooper (2.5 yrs). Our lives have become increasingly busy with playdates, t-ball games, and swim lessons (like many families with young kids) and we love the slightly chaotic pace by which we live. My husband is from Quebec, so we take regular trips to Canada and enjoy hosting family in our “new” (but really very old) home in Atlanta.

How did I get to Atlanta? Well, after high school, I spent one year in Ohio -- but I really missed my friends in Walnut Creek and returned a year later. I owe infinite gratitude to Claire Waltos (who was a secretary par excellence at Northgate) for taking me in and letting me live with her for a year – and many summers to follow. Thanks to her help, I was able to transfer to San Diego State – and eventually graduated in 1991 with a dual B.A. in Psychology and Women’s Studies.

I spent the next 6 years working in the publishing field and soaking up life in San Diego. It was a good way to spend a chunk of my 20s, although I was ready to get back to school. Originally, I returned to SDSU for a M.A. in Women’s Studies in the hope that I could use the degree to pursue an editorial career. Ultimately, I did earn the M.A. -- but during the process, my mom’s health got increasingly worse and eventually she passed away. The experience of taking care of her during her final illness is what actually prompted me to apply to PhD programs, as I was reminded how short our time here can be. Somewhat on a whim, I applied to Emory’s doctoral program in 1999 and have happily stayed ever since.

At the risk of sounding too idealistic, the last decade here in Atlanta has been incredibly joyful. It’s hard *not* be grateful when I basically get paid to study really interesting stuff – and then come home to a wonderful little family. I’m also lucky to have maintained a number of friendships from Northgate, and regularly hear from Chris Gillis, Neda Mansourian, Nici Grace, and Libby Walker – and have touched base more recently with Bart Hummer and Debbie Brear. (Anyone know where Cindy Sildorff is?)

I have set your blog as one of my “favorites,” Jeff – so I hope lots of folks continue to post their updates. It’s so nice to see how everyone is doing and what paths they chose to pursue. High school was a particularly poignant time for me, and I look at back at those years fondly. And for the record: I’m struck by how incredibly great everyone looks – 20+ years later! You all are a good looking bunch. ☺ I “second” John Engstrom’s suggestion for a 30th reunion – I’ll definitely make that one!

In case anyone finds themselves in Atlanta, or just wants to drop me a line, here’s my contact info: tworboy AT Thanks again for organizing this online community, Jeff. Take care and enjoy every second you get with your beautiful baby!


tina c. said...

I, too, check the blogspot regularly to see who as written in...and am very grateful for a highschool experience that marked my life in a very important way....I am happy to look back and include all this new information in my day to day. Living overseas reminds me often of how lucky we were.

Sue said...

Hear! Hear!

Love the NGHS blog.