Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dana (Hinkle) Finegold

Dana married Jamie Finegold ('87) and together run Tart, a clothing company. They have 4 kids.

"There is an obvious passion in Jamie and Dana Finegold. They want to create something that makes a woman feel empowered, sexy, and thrilled to be who she is. Perhaps putting all they have into this line is what drives their passion. A family man as much as he is a business man, Jamie compared his growing business to his growing daughter, who’s first time at a Tart runway show was this season. “She was just born when we started our company, so seeing her now ... you know, she was my inspiration in the morning, like, ‘Get up and sell, go make something happen!’ But seeing her here now and getting into it is really cool,” said Jamie."

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