Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Megan Smetzer

Megan has a website called "Cookiepants" and another with podcasts called Material Mama.

I am a stay at home mama to three girls and part time public school teacher. I’m a native Californian. I love to travel, create, knit, sew, craft and mom.

My podcast, Material Mama is available every few weeks. Fashion and craft sewing chatter to help me stay sane.


Material Mama said...

Good Heavens, who knew this was around? Yep, it's me. Living south of Sacramento, on a man made lake I have three girls (the oldest is a senior), a podcast, and teach part time.

My dad retired from Foothill a few years ago and he and my mom travel the world and enjoy being grandparents.

If you don't mind, can you please remove the last name on the blog? My husband is in the media and doesn't like people to have a way to contact us. Just use Smetzer, thanks!


materialmama @ gmail.com

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