Friday, July 18, 2008

Brett Sanders

Dear Class of '86,

Hey everybody! Thanks to Jeff for the great website!

Having realized, even back at Foothill Junior High (say, was I the only one to buy and proudly wear one of those blue (purple?) Griffon windbreakers? Wait, I think maybe Seth Hansell had one, too) that what I do best is laze around during summer vacation (I am something of a prodigy at this), I have arranged my life since graduation so that I am assured of long nap-filled summers with no work. The rest of the year, I teach (with the enthusiasm of the well-rested) Math and Japanese at a Charter High School here in Beautiful, in an infernally hot kind of way, Bullhead City, Arizona.

I have been happily married for 15 years, having wed my beloved Cynthia in 1993 outdoors at the beautiful convention hall at San Francisco State U, with fellow '86ers Steve Scholz and Seth H. as my Best Men, before zooming off to Japan to teach English for two years. We came back with a couple of Japanese dogs, and got ready for the arrival of our son Sam, who was born in Phoenix in 1996. I landed a job teaching Social Studies and (of all things) supervising the Student Council in Kingman, AZ and have been in Mohave County ever since.

Sammy is a very cool kid who likes computers and baseball and his dog, Pogo. Lately, we have been practicing baseball a lot, and reading books together and getting ready for him to enter 7th grade (!) this year.

More soon from the Banks of the Mighty Colorado.

Happy fortieth birthdays to everybody!
Brett Sanders

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