Thursday, July 10, 2008

Paul Hohlt

Probably those at the reunion have more info on Paul Hohlt than I do, but I did see this great quote from him in the Daily Californinan about a march in Berkeley:

Eight local activists displayed their lighter sides yesterday, marching in the nude down Telegraph Avenue to express their distaste for the current presidential administration. The 13th annual "Nude and Breast Freedom Parade," organized by the X-plicit Players of Berkeley, marched under the theme "Get Your Bush Out to Get Bush Out."

No, Paul wasn't a marcher, but he was interviewed while working at a bookstore:

At one point, the demonstrators passed through a crowded Anne's Kitchen and Shakespeare and Company Books.

Paul Hohlt, who was manning Shakespeare's register at the time, said he was not bothered by the visitors.

"If you can't do it in Berkeley, where can you do it?" Hohlt said.

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