Friday, July 25, 2008

Ted Wait

I've been teaching music for 13 years and playing trumpet professionally. I currently teach at Los Alisos Intermediate school in Mission Viejo, CA. where I teach 7th and 8th grade band and orchestra. I live in Carlsbad California with my wife Karen of 9 years and going. Unlike most, I went to Los Medanos College before attending San Diego State University and graduating in 1994.


Material Mama said...

That's awesome! I wonder how many of us became teachers? Do we have a list of that yet?

bcsanders said...

First of all, Hey Ted, How are you doing? Who all out there remembers all we band geeks hanging out at Mr. Mazzaferro's (Mazz's) office during lunch during 9th and 10th grade? Who was that? I remember Ted, myself (Brett Sanders), Seth Hansell, two big upperclass drummers (I remember the name of one of them because Mazz always used to say, "you're a sick dog, Bueker"), maybe Bill Gass, maybe Tina Buschiazzo, and maybe Seth Goodman. Can you think of anybody else? Didn't we stop hanging around there after Mazz left? He went on to teach at ASU, I think. Good job Ted, keeping up with your music.

--Brett Sanders

bcsanders said...

Oh yeah, to answer material mama's question:

I know 3 of us who have become teachers:

I (Brett Sanders) teach High School Math and Japanese at a public Charter School in Bullhead City, AZ

Seth Hansell teaches Physics at a prestigious private school in Massachusetts.

Dr. Steve Scholz, PhD, teaches Philosophy at a college in North Carolina.

--Brett Sanders

Dr. Jeff said...

Others: Rascher, teaching sports business (see his post), and Amato--geology). Probably a few more out there....

lodengovw said...

Ted, you're alive! I am so glad that you are enriching the lives of todays youth! Ran across pictures from Junior Prom. Remember Junior Prom??!!! Do you still have the "push-button" car? What great memories of band, prom and life at Northgate.