Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nicole (Mathewson) Scott

Nicole wrote in today. Many thanks for the photos and the update!
Here's my story:

I earned a BA (Int'l Business/Finance) at Howard University in Washington , DC . I stayed in DC after college working and traveling for a professional association. At the same time, I opened a coffee house/art gallery with my husband-to-be (Bruce). We closed the store in '96, but I am still working in IT consulting. I'm an Oracle DBA, but also design and implement data warehouse/business intelligence solutions.

I've been married 13 years and have a 10 year old daughter.

Photography has always been my passion. In 2005 I had an exhibit in the Governor's gallery at the state capitol in Santa Fe , NM and I do some freelance work when time allows. I loved taking photos for the school yearbook and have great memories of Mr. Schwerin's photography class. He seemed to have a perpetually full coffee cup in his hand and threw erasers when he was angry (usally when kids kept exposing whole rolls of film and tossing coins in the fixer).

I've attached three photos: one of Kim Vietch (circa'85), another of me, Sydney Abram and Jeff Keys at graduation, and one of my daughter a few years ago when we were overrun by millions of cicadas.

NGHS ‘86 Connections:
· I have kept in touch with Kim Vietch Hauxhurst by snail mail for years.
· Sydney Abram Taylor earned a BA at Rice and MBA at Michigan . She's moved around the country, but currently lives in Atlanta with her husband. She works for Coca Cola. She keeps in touch with Connie Gonzalez who I understand is married with 2 kids and living in Vacaville .
· Jeffery Keys did undergrad at Berkeley and earned his MBA at UCLA. He's been working in finance between LA and NY. Currently manages a private equity fund in NY and lives in NJ with his wife and 3 kids.
· I caught up with Kathleen McAuliffe probably 8 years ago in Charlottesville , VA where she was living at the time. She was an Episcopal minister; married with an infant son.

Interestingly two of my daughter's teachers have had a NGHS connection. One is Sandhya Rajan (‘91??) and the other is not a NGHS grad, but is a good friend of Bart Hummer. I've seen Shawn White ('85) and Kim Lassair (’87) each a couple of times. Shawn lives in North Carolina with his wife and kids. Kim is here in DC.

Thanks again Jeff for doing this!

Best Wishes,


Mrs. T. said...

I'm so glad to hear you're doing so well! What a beautiful daughter!

~ Meg

Elizabeth said...

Hi Nicole. Nice to see you here! Your daughter is a beauty, indeed!

Matty said...

Howard University? Awesome.

Mr. Keys told us way back in 6th grade (ask Kim) EXACTLY what he was going to do, and he was EXACTLY right. All about the Benjamins.

Connie and Dawn Lawson made 10th grade math class bearable. Of course now, we probably all wish we had paid a little closer attention.

Constance (GONZALEZ) Hall said...

Hi Nicole!

It's good to know you are doing well. There are a lot of Alum on Facebook that I have connected with as well. I found this blog through a search on FB. Take Care! Your lil girl is a REAL cutie!