Friday, October 17, 2008

Kevin Plazak

We had some sketchy details about Kevin earlier, but he wrote in to comments and I'm posting them on the main page with his permission:

In answer to your invoked "spill" -- first wife didn't take (11 years-- it was a good run), currently living with my fiance -- making it official soon. There was a gap in there where I was unattached -- we shall call that Kevin's age of bad, bad choices and eventual enlightenment. "No kids that I am aware of" as the poets say.

I currently go by the handles of "Pilaf", "Bert", "Ernesto", "Kevicchio" and "Veeks". Never had a nickname until the last two years -- been an interesting two years.

I am learning to cook from a chef friend in his restaurant -- it is a cultural shock -- a lot of fun too. I have about 2000 gallons of water in my basement full of fish. I own my own business selling the aforementioned fish. I am working on trying to garden (first year mostly a bust) but a few veggies did okay.

I lecture on tropical fish throughout the west coast, write articles for tropical fish magazines every few months, consult for folks with tropical fish businesses and generally know too much about teleosts from tropical climes.

Got a degree in Biological Conservation, living in Portland, Oregon (excellent food, wonderful culture, fairly good beer, perfect weather), starting to become not awful at frisbee golf and enjoying myself nearly every day. Been happy for a couple of years and I think I am going to stick with it.

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