Friday, August 8, 2008

Blog Update

The main reason I started this was to get people back in touch, and to find out what everyone was doing these days. Particularly for those of us who didn't make it to the reunion.

At this point, the people who have a strong web presence have been found, and the people who responded to my emails have responded. We have entries for 91 different people. About ten people emailed me but didn't send in a post. Mark Graham, Charlotte Ng, and Kevin Herney have entries. There must be a bunch of people with Facebook pages (Erin Corrigan? Reid Stevens? Mollee Murphy?), Friendster (Chris Weiss?), MySpace (Caryn Gribbon?). Maybe someone who is on these sites can find them and send them the link.

We might get a few more who find the blog through a search engine. Someone suggested we open it up to various discussions about NG, but I'll have to think about whether I want to moderate that.

We could also keep it dormant until the next reunion, as this could be a central location for information and spreading the word. Several people wrote and said they didn't know about the reunion, but we have tracked down more people since then.

We (who is "we" by the way?) have some leads on people, but we can't be sure they are NG folks, even if the name is the same.

For example:

Is Mike Flaminio a brewer in the midwest?
Does Julie Tobias have a catering company?
Is Jill Farrenkopf a librarian?
Is Mark Stiefvater a detective in Pleasant Hill?
Does Karen Eiler work in the Fresno County probation department?
Is Karolyn Covione a pool player in Clayton?
Is Cristella Chu a student at Alliant International Univ.?
Does Bart Hummer run a restaurant in Truckee?
Does Caryn Hult breed dogs in Concord?
Is Caryn Gribbon in real estate?
Does Mary Chatsworth work for a non-profit organization in Massachusetts?
Does Victor Locasio work for Intel in Sacramento?
Is Larry McDonough selling mortgages in Aptos?

So many questions...


Elizabeth said...

Julie Tobias does indeed have a catering company, and Caryn Gribbon is in real estate ... I'm not sure about the others

Matty said...

That is not our Larry in Aptos...that IS Caryn (the ditch)Hult.

Caryn Gribbon ( said...

Hi! Yes, I am in Real Estate and I did make it to the reunion! It was a great time and so nice to see everyone. I think it is great that you started this Blog and thank you to Elizabeth Bacher for notifying me of it! (and unfortunately, I am one of the mystery kids in the Castle Rock, Mrs. Glenn's 4th Grade Class! scary!)