Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chris Weiss

Chris Weiss writes in today, with bonus info on Pete Rooney and Gregory Morgan Taylor, among others...

Post Northgate, I meandered around trying to find my path, trying a
bunch of classes at DVC and generally pissing my life away. In a fit
of "getting my shit together", I went through the quick & dirty
educational path of technical school for electronics and got in early
as a game tester for Maxis. I spent 7 years there, working on games
like SimCity and the Sims and such, then on to Palm for 7 years
working on their handhelds and then a short stint at an industrial
chemical testing software company. I'm currently a producer at
Expresso Fitness, making interactive cardio bikes sold into places
like 24hr, Crunch, YMCA, and corporate gyms and living in San Jose.

I've fully embraced my inner geek and am a big social networking-web
2.0-lifecasting whore. You can find me on Facebook, FriendFeed,
LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, Pownce, and just about any other "look at
me!" site out there either under my own name or as "stickyc". I'd say
'check out my blog', but it's not been updated in years.

I still keep in touch almost daily with Pete Rooney, Andrew Bell, and
Jon Hastings. Pete married Shannon Deverman (NGHS class of '88) and
works for San Joaquin College of Law (incidentally, Shannon became
a teacher who taught at Northgate for several years before moving
to Clovis with Pete where she teaches now). They live in Fresno with
their 5 year old redheaded son, Sean. Andrew Bell lives in San
Francisco and works for WestEd, writing standardized tests for school
systems in Kansas. He got married this June to a co-worker, Megan
Andrew. Jon's already posted here.

I keep in touch less regularly with Gregory Morgan Taylor. He lives in
Livermore with his wife, Tony and their 4 kids. As far as I know, he's
still working for FedEx and acting as a real-estate agent on the side.

Some asked about Jay Fallon - the last I heard of him, he was working
for an ISP in Walnut Creek ( as a customer service rep, that
was maybe 8 years ago.

It's awesome seeing where everyone's lives have taken them

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