Saturday, August 2, 2008


Matt Burris's sweet ride, I think a late '60's Dodge Dart. Was it named "Hiram"? With Anneliese.


Matty said...

My first stepfather bought it off the widow of a friend from work who lived way out in the Sunset district of San Francisco, for about 400$.

Yeah I named it Hiram because it was meek and mild mannered. Funny, the college kids here in Santa Cruz would pay top dollar for that car today.

I had that car for about six months before we discovered it's allignment was shot. It wasn't the first time my stepfather regretted falling for a pretty face.

Meg S. said...

My 17 year old daughter would kill for a car like that now! She has her eye on a 1965 mustang or a 1972 VW. I keep telling her that's a lot of hours at Starbucks :)