Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Daze

Megan Smetzer sent me this Foothills photo. (BTW I have absolutely no memory of this event. Can someone elaborate?). Megan says:

Cast photo. I also have an audio tape of the show, perhaps I can dig it up and put it up as an mp3 one day to hear our squeaky voices.

Please forgive my bad eyes and memory. I may have spelled some names incorrectly. Some names are on the tip of my tounge but I can't place them. [In brackets some of Amato's guesses]

Back row:
Matt Burris, Kevin Reimer, Beth Marlow, Gretchen Schmidt, Lisa Wolters, Akshai Ghandi, Mike House, Mike Sela [OUR FUTURE VALEDICTORIAN], Blair Stientjes, Rudy ____

Middle Row:
Adam Miles, Greg McKinney, Meg Smetzer, Tiffany Worboy, ?,[Kelley O'Keffe?], Mike [Flaminio?] , Greg Dockus

Front Row:
Kathy -_____, Laura Wakefield, [Mary O'Brien--?], ?, Cari Tubb, ?, Jackie _______


Matty said...

Next to Adam Miles is a Greg something or another, Susan Luihn is in there, Kathy Neuman, Tammy Anderson, Kathy Perzel, can't remember the tall girl next to what was the teachers name? She was a real Rossmoor dame.

Meg S. said...

LOL Matt -- you got most of those names right. We had Ms. Johnston (?) for drama, the class after us had the PE teacher turned acting coach? I always wondered how that all went. I was afraid to ask my dad I think.

What I learned in Foothill Drama. Don't let your hair get in your eyes. Don't put your back to the audience. Don't wear a jacket or 'security blanket' as she called it. I actually use all three of those now when my students or children do something on stage. Scary how things stick with us.

Somewhere I also have a film of the show, I think it's 8mm not videotape but I'll have to dig around. Dad has been transferring all of our home movies, slides and photos to DVD's. Pretty cool for my girls to watch but they get mad they aren't in them.

Hey Matt, we'll be in Capitola next week. What's the best bar in those parts? Nothing fancy, just time away from kids would be good. Dive bar, gay bar, we like them all.

Anonymous said...

Was I really that small? Damn. I recall after the show my mother telling me that I did a fine job dancing, although I seemed to be a bit slower than all the other dancers.

25-plus years later, nothing has changed on that front.

-Mike S.

Elizabeth said...

The tall girl next to Reimer is Beth Marlow. After Foothill, she went to the Athenian School in Danville.

Matty said...

Wow...people read this?

Yes Beth Marlow. Greg D. and I thought she was "mysterious",thanks. Bobbi (with an "i")Johnston, yes. Greg McKinney.

Capitola changes so rapidly Meg and I haven't been down there (nor drinking or working in a real bar) in a few years. Yet, I am certain that there is neither a gay and definitely not a 'dive' bar down in the village. Sooooo....but if you are looking for a nice place to eat al fresco, "Michaels on Main" in Soquel is the best, and they have an 'adult' (read over 40 crowd-ouch) bar, a tad pricey though.

Lisa said...

Holy cr*p, junior high really was as awkward and painful as I remember! :)

Greg said...

Beth Marlow. (Or was it Marlowe?)Yes....Junior High Crushes.

Meg, if you have a film of that..I would love to see it.

If anyone has Twelfth Night from High School...even better. :)

Meg S. said...

Oh and what a stretch -- I got to play a teacher. Bah.

I'll ask my dad about the video. I may have it here somewhere, he's always dropping DVD's off. He's great at it. We can be YouTube newest stars! I think I have a program from 12th Night. I took all the programs where I wasn't in the show and sent them to NG about a year ago. But I have the other ones. I'll take a peek.

Lisa -- My oldest has been listening to Pat Benetar's "Wuthering Heights" and it cracks me up, I recall when we used to listen to that LOL. Of course she's read the book a hundred times and I've never cracked it so go figure.