Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Principal

Is this true? The movie "The Principal" (starring Jim Belushi and Lou Gossett, Jr.) came out in filming must have occurred within a few years of '87, or right around the time we were there. Maybe it was filmed right after we left, during the summer? Does anyone know anything about this?

From the Northgate Wikipedia Page:
The movie The Principal was partially filmed at Northgate High School. Northgate was chosen for the interior design of the school, having five foot walls around the classes creating an open environment. Northgate's former drama teacher, Ed Meehan, attended Northgate as a student at the time the movie was shot, and can be seen in the film during the classroom scene in the beginning of the movie. Another former drama teacher, Jack DeRieux, was also in the movie during a staff meeting scene at the beginning.[citation needed] Another teacher, Ms. Spring, can also be seen in the 5th scene of the film.

TAGLINE: At a high school where the students major in arson, extortion and assault, one man just might be crazy enough to turn things around...


Elizabeth said...

It was filmed shortly after we left. My brother Mike ('88) was an extra along w/many other '88-ers I'm sure.

Mrs. T. said...

Yep, I think Mark Nelson, from the class of 88 was in it too. We went to go see it but as I recall walked out half way through, after the Northgate shots were done.

Meg S.