Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Heather (Darnsteadt) DeWitt

Just heard from Heather, here's her update:

Jeff, I am so glad someone was able to but this website together. So what have I been doing with my life… that is the big question… I graduated in 1991 from CSU – Fullerton with an Art Degree –Graphic Design. (If Mr. Schwerin only knew, I heard he’d retired 5 years ago or so..) after college - I worked in the glamorous field of Graphic Design (and Medical Billing - to pay the bills.. ) In 1993 - I married my husband of 15 years - Mike DeWitt. We have lived in Highlands Ranch, (a suburb 20 miles south of Denver), Colorado for 10 years with our two children, daughter - Skyler 12- she will be in 8th grade and son –Logan 9 who will be in 4th grade. I currently working as a teacher for a private preschool, an Education Assistant at a local public elementary school, and I run a small sewing business. With that and all the competitive sports my kids are in I am always running around. I do love to travel, take photos, scrapbook, read and test my bravery riding my new dirt bike. Oh and I’m thinking of taking up golf!

Whatever happened to Martin Iglesias, Matt Burris, Jay Fallon and Tiffany Worboy?

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tiffany worboy said...

heather, it's tiffany -- and i'd love to chat with you! i threw together a bio for this blog, and will send it to jeff in the near future. in the meantime, drop me a line if you have a moment: tworboy@hotmail.com. i'll be in touch soon! hugs, tiffany
p.s. you look great -- and have a beautiful family!