Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jennifer (Noonan) Horne

Hey there Broncos,

Jennifer (Noonan) Horne here....after graduating from UC Santa Cruz in '90 (go Banana Slugs!), I slowing decided to get serious and get a "real" job. I pulled myself off the beach and moved to Los Gatos in '97 where I began my career in Silicon Valley selling software. Yes, I am a sell out and following the dinero...what can I say?? [Well, your yearbook quote was "You can never be too rich or too tan"! -ed.] I met my husband at work (uh-oh, fishing off the company pier), we got married on Maui in '99 and then packed it up and traveled around the world for a year in 2000. We visited 25 countries in all and had the time of our lives. We are now totally addicted! Here is our travel site for those of you fellow travel bugs:

Tour del Mundo

We have one child, Liam who is 2 years old and armed with a passport. He has been on several trips already. We hope to take him to Bali next summer. For those of you who haven't been, it's a MUST! The chill factor is extraordinary.

We now live in San Jose and recently bought a 95 year old Colonial in the historic Hanchett Park/Rose Garden area which we really enjoy.

Jeff, thanks for putting this together. It's great to see such diversity in reading through these updates. John, we would love to check out Romania!

Happy 40th to all!

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Elizabeth said...

So good to see you here! Your son looks adorable and I love your travel blog! What an adventure!

jhorne said...
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Elizabeth said...

Please do let me know if you come to Seattle. I would love to see you and would be happy to take you and Liam to the zoo!