Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Moment in Time: 1985

Here's an old picture I found and scanned. I must have taken this in 1985, probably toward the end of our Junior year (though could be early Senior year as well...)

In Sue's kitchen. I'm taking the picture.

Clockwise from front:
Sue Lockyer (facing away from the camera)
John Weisel (seated)
Rich Juricich, smoking a pretzel
Matt Burris (also smoking a pretzel)
Mike Totman, who had transfered to Acalanes High after our Freshman year
Anneliese Hopwood

Note the flannel (predating the Nirvana-induced trend by at least 2 years
Note the orange juice, we were so well behaved
And about 10 Dead tapes in the gold box on the table.

A moment in time.

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Matty said...

Well behaved? If I remember correctly, and who's saying, that OJ probably contained a mix of rum, vodka, whiskey and kaluha. Mmmmmm.

Sue said...

Burris and Totman wouldn't be there unless there was vodka in the OJ. Though many of us may have been in a "clean" phase.

Matty said...

Oh, really Sue? Perhaps the years have rendered your memory segregate?