Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mt. Diablo

Some of the best high school parties were up at the Juniper Campground of Mt. Diablo. In my memory we went up there dozens of times, but in reality it might have been only a couple of times over Junior and Senior year. Clint Stewart was usually involved. One time he was going to meet us up there, but had to drive up on his own later in the evening. Well, something came up and the rest of us decided not to go. We forgot to inform Clint, who, upon seeing the locked gate (he missed getting in before the park closed), decided to put his sleeping bag under his arm and HIKE up the road for a few hours in the dark. He finally finishes the trek, several miles and several thousand feet up the switchbacks, and finds out that we weren't even there! Bummer!

I have some photos of various trips up there. But I have great memories of watching the sunset from the campground with my friends, looking down on the Ygnacio Valley.

1) July 1985. From left: Chris Bowhay on crutches, Clint Stewart sporting some Nikes, and Rich Juricich sporting a 'stache.

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2) June 1986, possibly just after graduation. From left: John Weisel, Clint Stewart, Mark Harris (in back), Anneliese Hopwood, Seth Hansell, Tim Trice.

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3) June 1986, from left John Weisel, Clint Stewart, Anneliese Hopwood

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