Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mike Sela

Hello class of 1986! As I scan through these pages that Jeff posted I'm struck with how many of you have nice glossy pictures of yourself. I am impressed!

Meanwhile, I am some sort of troll, the kind who trots out unshaven pictures of himself taken with his laptop. (Sorry, ladies, I'm taken!)

So, what have I been up to (in addition to hiding under bridges during daylight hours)?

I graduated from UC Berkeley in 1990 with a degree in electrical engineering and then promptly ignored that degree to pursue a career in software. I worked for Hewlett Packard for 6 years and then jumped ship to become one of those software start-up millionaires that seemed to be bubbling up everywhere in Silicon Valley. That plan sort of worked. I believe I was a millionaire on paper for a week. That was a pretty cool week. Since then I've worked for incrementally larger companies as each successive one bought the previous one. I'm about ready to jump ship and go work for a start-up again.

Somewhere during that journey I tricked a remarkable woman into marrying me and bearing me a delightful daughter. She has forgiven me for the former because of the latter. We're now in our 12th year of marriage and our daughter will be entering 4th grade next year. We live in the fabulous Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco.

In my spare time I've been running the occasional marathon, playing absurd amounts of Scrabble, teaching my daughter how to become a social outcast, and practicing writing in anticiption of the day when someone would ask me to write a short bio for NGHS Class of 1986 blog. mikesela AT

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