Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Teachers from 1986 Still at Northgate

John Gishe, Math Image Hosted by

Neanna Miles, Foreign Languages (German...I didn't even know we HAD german classes)

Ted Tellian, Science

Jeff Spoden, History, who also has a personal web page. I shamelessly stole his photo of Northgate for the blog. Thanks Jeff!

He also collected stories to make the collection To Honor a Teacher

"This place has been my home since 1985, and there's never been a minute when I seriously considered going to any other school. I was the "young cool guy" for over ten years, and was proud to hold onto the title for so long. Those days are long gone, though, and now I find myself being one of old-timers - not sure if that manifests as "sage veteran" or just "old coot!" Some of the other fossils are still here with me - Cubillo, Gishe, Hackett, Hodge, Miles, Tellian, Wood, and a few others. Mainly, though, Northgate is now a place with many new teachers. The youthful energy is good and collegiality remains. Students aren't that different, though motivation seems more difficult for a larger slice of the 1500 enrolled. I'm not sure why, though I could probably go off on a long sociological riff on why teens are having a hard time staying focused these days. Well, maybe some other time. On the whole, however, it's still a great place to work, with cool kids, excellent teachers, supportive parents, and an administration that usually tries to do the right thing."

Jeff also mentioned that Vicki Hackett (English) was there for a long time, but I don't see her name on the NGHS website.

Those are the only ones I could find.

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